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Hydraulic repair for oilfield equipment

Thread Repairs & Routine Oilfield Maintenance in Lloydminster

At Triland we want to make sure you’re safe at your oilfield. Safety requires upkeep and repair of parts. Triland offers expert welding repairs to many industries, including oilfields. Our experience journeymen can supply maintenance for:

  • Barrel threads up to 6 inches

  • American Petroleum Institute (API) external-upset-end (EUE) thread repairs

  • Thread polished rods

  • Bailer bits

  • Spider bowls (casing spider bowls)

  • Orifices

  • Adapter plates

  • Left hand to right hand couplers

  • Flow meters (aluminum)

  • Pipe threads (NPT)

Part Fabrication and Research

Triland takes research and development very seriously. If you’re looking for a new part prototyped or you are interested in redeveloping old parts, we are your first stop. With our CNC lathe and journeyman machinists, we will work with you as we bring your design to reality.


For routine maintenance on those temperamental parts, thread fabrication and research and development, please call Triland Welding & Machine today.

Stay Safe in the Oilfield!

Request repairs or new fabrication

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