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Rebuilding Your Agricultural Machines at Triland Welding & Machine

When a part of your baler or loader breaks down after years of use, it can be a hefty price to pay for new equipment. Factory pricing can be too high, so why not try rebuilding? Triland’s goal is to give you quality repair and rebuilding at a more affordable price than you’d find at a factory. Our agricultural services include:

  • Worn bearing/shaft surface repair

  • Buildup repair

  • Auger flighting replacement

  • PTOs and drivelines

  • Pulleys

  • Pins

  • Tractor lugs

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs & Fabrication in Lloydminster

We can do full rebuilds, new design or replacement parts as required to all makes of cylinders. To give our customers the best possible strength and longevity, we use Induction Hardened chrome for all hydraulic cylinder repairs and fabrication.


Whether you’re looking to replace the lugs on your tractor or need to rebuild a bearing on your baler, call Triland to set up a repair appointment, or to find out about our other welding services!

Rusty Auger?

Replace your auger flighting today

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